Propane Stove

Propane Stove

Propane Stove

Alaska Tent & Tarp offers one model of propane stove: the 4000 model double burner.  The propane stove is fabricated for lightweight portability, consistency and convenience. It allows for consistent heat when little firewood is available. The 4000 model is 28,000 BTU and provides around 15 hours of burn time using a 20 pound propane tank on maximum strength.  Burn times may vary for temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  The propane stove package comes with a 10’ hose and regulator.  The propane tank is not included.

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PLEASE NOTE: Alaska Tent & Tarp manufactures insulated propane tank covers to protect your tank and aid in keeping the tank functional in cold temperatures.  Contact our staff to learn more about sizes and pricing for the insulated propane tank covers!

Propane Stoves

Nu-Way Propane Stove ~ 4000 Model

12” x 7” x 15” 15 lbs

Nu-Way Stove ~ Double Burner $359.00
3” Nesting Pipe $36.00
2” Spark Arrestor $16.00
3” Damper Sleeve $10.00
3” Damper $9.50
3” Straight Pipe $10.50
3” Stove Sleeve $14.75
Nu-Way Stove ~ 4000 Model $455.75
Stove package includes stove, pipe, spark arrestor, damper and sleeve.
Stove Pan $21.00

*All prices subject to change without notice.

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