13 oz. DLX (Sunforger)

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13 oz. DLX Canvas Wall Tent ~ Traditional Arctic Grade Wall Tents

The Alaska Tent & Tarp wall tent is your home away from home. Our wall tents are made in Alaska with the rigors of the Arctic environment in mind. Season after season, our wall tents have proven to be a sturdy and durable tent. The Sunforger 13oz DLX material is the premier canvas for tent construction. Our 13oz canvas wall tents are double filled, preshrunk, marine-grade, fire-, water-, and mildew-resistant cotton canvas. The 13oz canvas material uses a fire, water and mildew resistant treatment that will maintain breathability throughout the material, allowing the use of the 13oz canvas material throughout the entire wall tent. With the use of a stove, this wall tent can be used year round, in any condition. Every tent is hand crafted, allowing us to customize your tent with just the options you want, just the way you want them.

  • Alaska Tent & Tarp wall tents are roomy, versatile, inexpensive, tough and traditional.
  • The 13oz DLX wall tents are made from a 13oz, double filled, preshrunk marine-grade, fire-, water-, and mildew-resistant cotton canvas.
  • Ridgepole openings are standard at both ends of the wall tent.
  • Rope reinforced eaves are included for longevity and ruggedness.
  • Reinforced heavy duty canvas corners are customary for durability.
  • Large brass grommets are installed around the bottom and eave of the wall tent.
  • Overlapping door flaps with ties will keep the great outdoors outside of your tent.
  • Zippered door with a heavy duty #10 tooth zipper under the door flap of your wall tent.
  • Window in the back wall - 56" triangle window with two #10 zippers and an insect screen.
  • Several frame/structure options exist, including no pole setup, three metal pole setup, spruce pole setup, log tent structure and full steel frame. Please see the wall tent setup instructions located on the Support page of this website.
  • All wall tents can be customized to better suit your needs. Please see the Options tab for the custom wall tent options.

Arctic Grade Custom Wall Tents


Trade Size Material Width Length Ridge Wall Area Weight Price
8'x10'x4'' 13oz 7'3" 9'2" 6'6" 3'7" 66 sq. ft. 34 lbs $565.00
10'x12'x4' 13oz 9'3" 11'2" 7'0" 3'7" 103 sq. ft. 38 lbs $665.00
12'x14'x4' 13oz 11'3" 13'1" 7'6" 3'7" 147 sq. ft. 52 lbs $790.00
14'x16'x5' 13oz 13'0" 14'11" 9'6" 4'7" 194 sq. ft. 64 lbs $1,165.00


*Dimensions listed are cut size and differ from the finished size of the tent. Weights listed are approximate.
**Prices listed are starting points for custom tents. Options priced separately.
***Frame not included. Measure your tent before building a frame.
****All prices subject to change without notice.

Vinyl Fly

We produce our wall tent flies from a lightweight white low-temp fire-resistant vinyl. A stove jack can be installed in the fly to match the jack in the tent wall. Custom sized flies available.

Tent Fly Size Weight Price
8' x 10' 10'4" x 9'8" 9 lbs $100.00
10' x 12' 12'6" x 12'1" 13 lbs $115.00
12' x 14' 14'8" x 14'8" 18 lbs $135.00
14' x 16' 17'6" x 17'1" 25 lbs $185.00






Sod cloth

The sod cloth is a 10-12" strip of black, arctic-grade vinyl sewn around the base of the tent interior. It can combine with a ground cloth to better seal the perimeter on uneven ground.

Tent Price
8' x 10' $70.00
10' x 12' $75.00
12' x 14' $80.00
14' x 16' $85.00






Aftermarket: +$40.00

Snow Flap

Snow flaps are similar to the sod cloth, but are made from nylon and run to the outside of the tent. Snow can be piled on the flaps to seal and insulate the base of the tent in winter.

Tent Price
8' x 10' $90.00
10' x 12' $100.00
12' x 14' $115.00
14' x 16' $125.00






Aftermarket: +$40.00

Ground Cloth

Our ground cloths are made from 10oz olive drab fire- water- and mildew-resistant canvas. A separate ground cloth, in comparison to a sewn in floor, is preferred for ease of setup and cleaning.

Tent Weight Price
8' x 10' 11 lbs $95.00
10' x 12' 15 lbs $125.00
12' x 14' 21 lbs $155.00
14' x 16' 28 lbs $185.00






Mosquito Nets

Mo-Nets use nylon no-see-um netting and #10 zippers. Pin-in nets are easily replaced in the field and require no installation.

Tent Price
8' x 10' $45.00
10' x 12' $50.00
12' x 14' $55.00
14' x 16' $65.00






New install: $40.00
Aftermarket: $60.00


Our standard window is an adjustable 56" triangle with two #10 zippers and an insect screen installed in the rear wall.

New install: $60.00
Aftermarket: $90.00

Zippered Door

We install a heavy duty #10 tooth zipper under the door flap of your wall tent. The standard ties remain as a back-up.

New install: $30.00
Aftermarket: $50.00

Stove Jack

The fabric stove jacks we use are made from a silicone ring set inside an 18" square of silicon-glass fabric. We carry round stove jacks in 3", 4", 5" and 6" and oval stove jacks in 4½", 5" and 6".

Stove Jack: $39.00
Cover Flap: $25.00
New install: $25.00
Aftermarket: $60.00


Alaska Tent & Tarp no longer carries wall tent frames.  If you are interested in building your own frame, click here for the average cut sizes for the poles.  We continue to carry Montana angles, which can be used as the joint for the frame.  We recommend that you wait to build your frame until after you have received your wall tent as dimensions may vary.

Montana Angle:  $31.00 each

*All prices subject to change without notice.
**Dimensions and weights listed are approximate and will vary.

Hunter Special Tent Packages
Alaska Tent & Tarp has combined the most popular wall tent sizes and features into three easy packages with our Hunter Special wall tents.  The Hunter Special packages are generally in stock for immediate pickup or shipment.  The standard features already installed are: 10oz FR canvas, sod cloth, back window, zipper door, 4½" oval stove jack, and a stove jack cover flap. Add a pin-in mosquito net and a wall tent fly from our stock and you get a great wall tent without waiting for a custom-built tent.

8' x 10' x 4'
38 lbs
10' x 12' x 4'
46 lbs
12' x 14' x 4'
57 lbs

*Dimensions listed are cut size and differ from the finished size of the tent.  Weights listed are approximate.
**Frame not included. Measure your specific tent before building any type of frame.
***All prices are subject to change without notice.

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